The Whole Piece

I am here, was born a zero, seeking pieces of me, my own true-self.
I grew like nothing ever stop me, though a falling leave seems pulling me back to all the sorrow.
I see them as a piece of me, the happier me, the bizzare stories, the past left behind.
I wish to see tomorrow, as I see my shattered heart has broken like a vulnerable thin glass.
I wish to know every burden I have to carry for tomorrow.
But it can't be, it's not the way it should be
So I collect every piece of me, everyday
And somehow transform everything I see into a whole piece of


wawbaw, a local hero

Look at how cute this avatar is.... I am so lucky to get a chance having this cutie.

I don't know how I supposedly explain what wawbaw is. A local artist named Age made some simple illustration with magenta dots -as blushing cheeks, all over his artwork. He produces some merchandises such as tote bag, a geeky baseball cap called Cool Caps X 1.0 (cmiiw), some backpack, a minibag, print-arts, and oh more of 'em, just check out the webstore. I couldn't hardly get enough of wawbaw immediately and I was sort of like....forgetting any plans I made for my expenses and really really seek for a chance to get wawbaw's minibag1.0, it sounds sophisticated how those merchs been named, with 1.0 or 2.0, it gets me noticed how wawbaw is spreading in this two-point-o era. The Internet, that is. And I'm sure you will fall for wawbaw very easily.

Lucky me, I had a rare chance of seeing wawbaw's tweet that he opened to receive photos via email and thus, he would transform our photos into wawbaw's signature avatar, those magenta dots, you see? And within less than a week, wawbaw emails me that my avatar is done. How cool is that?

I've promised to review my minibag1.0, but didn't get so much chance to take a proper photograph. I will do it someday, I will :p