Between Auntie Tigress and Tesla

I took this Jade pendant back in my (long-forgotten) Mother's jewelry box. I kept it, and have been BELIEVING ever since, that this pendant would mean something, someday. A story titled Auntie Tigress (Bibi Harimau, Erlangga), retold by Gia-Zhen Wang has given a feeling of ancient china culture in every detail of the story. The Auntie herself is very fond of jewelry. Soon after I finish reading, I gave my honor to the Jade pendant and made this pretty necklace. The 3 little things is just me having fun counting 1, 2, 3. Like Tesla, he liked the number 3.



Finally, after a very long time googling, craft bazaar hopping, raw material searching, saving some money to buy the materials, organizing some work and finish it so I could spare time to do everything I've ever wanted for so so long....I did it. My very precious accessories line...... 'chaotica'.

The brand itself is discovered through so many events I have day by day. Something like shit do happen, like life is giving us a joke, but somehow we still manage to survive, and laugh it off ourselves. So it's like a celebration of embracing the shit happened. That sounds not so cool, I know. Hahaha.

When I started it, I have so much plan. Like where I should sell it, to whom I should share it, who will gonna buy it, how much price I should offer, and simply what design I should make in every piece. These...seem very simple but the execution still not easy. Because I DON'T KNOW what to think. Pretty chaotic. Then... A HA! chaotica it is. :D quite a show.

See my online shop here and follow the twitter here.

Thank you. And horaaay to me! :p