Between Auntie Tigress and Tesla

I took this Jade pendant back in my (long-forgotten) Mother's jewelry box. I kept it, and have been BELIEVING ever since, that this pendant would mean something, someday. A story titled Auntie Tigress (Bibi Harimau, Erlangga), retold by Gia-Zhen Wang has given a feeling of ancient china culture in every detail of the story. The Auntie herself is very fond of jewelry. Soon after I finish reading, I gave my honor to the Jade pendant and made this pretty necklace. The 3 little things is just me having fun counting 1, 2, 3. Like Tesla, he liked the number 3.



Finally, after a very long time googling, craft bazaar hopping, raw material searching, saving some money to buy the materials, organizing some work and finish it so I could spare time to do everything I've ever wanted for so so long....I did it. My very precious accessories line...... 'chaotica'.

The brand itself is discovered through so many events I have day by day. Something like shit do happen, like life is giving us a joke, but somehow we still manage to survive, and laugh it off ourselves. So it's like a celebration of embracing the shit happened. That sounds not so cool, I know. Hahaha.

When I started it, I have so much plan. Like where I should sell it, to whom I should share it, who will gonna buy it, how much price I should offer, and simply what design I should make in every piece. These...seem very simple but the execution still not easy. Because I DON'T KNOW what to think. Pretty chaotic. Then... A HA! chaotica it is. :D quite a show.

See my online shop here and follow the twitter here.

Thank you. And horaaay to me! :p


Feeling Pouchy

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Pouches are good and always useful and give a little feeling how organized person we are by putting everything we need very neatly there. I purchased these pouches from friends of Institut A (the ones with patches), the rosy printed one was given from my gf Uchie as she wrote a note about I have to be a strong woman dealing with work and my love life -how lovely and she made it by herself knowing how I love rose and the fact that I told her why I like Rose so much (it's a symbol for motherhood as far as I know), and mostly I bought them from the flea market, less than a dollar for 3 pieces. Of course I bought them because of the thought that they could be useful someday. Sometimes we just need something to take away...with style. or not. :D

Anyway, this is the last post of my collection during the Tidy Up My Room Day. I want to post some of my Hello Kitty collection but it's not ready now. I'm still waiting for the figurin of her studying. It's very cute and represents a part of me who still wants to take some class to study photography which I love to do in very recently.

Also, I'm looking forward to see your collection. :)



Black and Nude Intention

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Without even noticing what I purchased when I go accessorized mind, it all has a similar thing in them, black and nude. Funny that my gf Onnie told me that she was bored with my nude/brown blouse or dress I wore. I don't even realize why did I bought them the same color? :)) But now I have a nude-conscious when it's time to go shopping. My hand would unconsciously touch the nude dress/blouse/skirt/clutch/head band then my head remembers, then I go away. Haha, funny though because mostly I would buy those nudies anyway. Not working, hey head!

See the colorful beaded necklace, my friend gave it to me. The colorful feather earrings? I never have the courage to wear those. Not gonna give it away also. :D

Going Gold

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I'm gonna show you my gold jewelries collection. It's really hard to wear these, you know, unless it's a
soirĂ©e and me and my girl friend or gay friend just get drunk and we put on everything without even feeling ashamed of who we are.

Guess I need some beer, no?

Tidy Up the Room

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I've got a thing with stationeries, everytime I have uncertain feelings I would go to the book store and run straightly to the stationery alley. Just wandering around there see what should I have this time. Each tools here has its own story. The Schneider pen in yellow with the blue and red top there were a second purchasing. The first Schneider had already ran out its ink and because it always stayed beside me when I need to write a memo or a work list, I want another one.

I've been always finding myself want to do something creative, whether to recycle a necklace to be another stuff, like, bracelet or nothing, to make a new paintings with acrylic paint, or simply to write an idea and it has to be written with a pink/blue/green gel pen, I sometimes end up got nothing to help me do it. So everytime I went to the stationery section, I would find what kind of tools I've missed. The thing that is really, really crucial.

I called it, a casual buying. :)


Gone Trouble Gone

O dear smoke, I know I know, it's been a while since you filled my mouth with truth and hold back any voice of protest. Of denials.

O how you taste so sweet, yet hurtful when you drag my mind to his kisses which are missed. So then I turn my head, questioning where have my senses gone. Or it's just me drawning in the ocean of lust.

I was questioning the reason why I was actually asking for it. I'd be a foolish if I don't believe in all the goddeses who rule my kingdom of lust. Wandering within my bloodstream, it's him poisoning every forgetful consciousness, triggered any act of rebellion.

I can fuck. Or maybe I just sit back and watch any cheap porn and not really watching it. Holy Lord!