Electrical Kisses

I'm sorry, this is not about kissing just because I post it on Feb 14th, ok?
Sometimes I don't have a clue on how I can really escape the routines, or something that easily makes me numb. I wish I got some kind of formula that I could just follow and voila! Instantly everything were just turned out great. Yes, I'm kidding. No, I don't think we could JUST do that. *sigh*

But hey!
Some mini magazine, business card and post-it-note could really make their way to be this --surprisingly- cute mini artwork...is there any term like 'mini artwork'? Ugh, anyway, I put this on my desk at my 'new' office, yaay!! I finally made it!! Got a new job I've been looking forward to, and yeah, I planned to put another framed print-art, but I didn't decide yet which one.

This I called, "Electrical Kisses". Just googling about lightning bolt, you'll find what I mean ;)