Dizzy, Angry Dinnah

Anger. I was mad at something and suddenly I have some energy to make these. Sure you can download my latest zine and also my comic for free. I have a mix feeling over these two. But you're welcome to witness what an angry woman can do ;) here are some sneak peek.....and sorry, these are written in bahasa only.

my zine

my comic


  1. ASIIIIIKKKK bacaaan baruuuu! *aku sudah baca sedikit* aku langsung terharu...

  2. terharu? wah :D hihihi xD makasih dindie dindie dindie!! dan selamat menikmati ya...

  3. nadya's guide is awesome. but why do i got this funny feeling when i read it ya? anyway, it's a good one. very nicely done, andina!

  4. Thank you, my dearest Ferdi :) I KNOW and I'm fully understand how this comic got you feel funny though it's not a funny story, apparently. That's because I have this hatred, over this girl, and I was not objectively (I couldn't and I wouldn't) see the whole thing. I seemed to be envy, but actually it's a satirical story. Because this particular girl, doesn't really make friends with people who are not....famous, for instance, that she couldn't take advantage of. Well, I met one of those, confirmedly hypocrite ;) But again, it's just a comic, and that girl is absolutely free to be herself