Life Within

Pregnancy. This piece is all about what I feel about pregnancy. I had a mix feeling towards my body, it changes, it grows to be something which never been experienced, it makes me anxious, it makes me feel happy...well I wasn't sure, but there is this hormone that could make me feel so good with myself. I like my body when it tells me to eat, I like my body when it makes me tired, it sends some signals I can't never imagine how before. I feel empowered by this body, though I feel terrible with all the pressure that comes like it would prey, like it haunts me all the way.

My thoughts go to you, who know what to chose over your own body and live it consciously, with such courage....to be pregnant, or to abort pregnancy. The power is ours.


  1. I once heard of this capabillity, using your senses.. when your body is like the system, and pregnancy builds a new software to survive.

  2. :')

    i love it. and it is exactly how i felt...the body developed a new script so everything works..and is survived