Gone Trouble Gone

O dear smoke, I know I know, it's been a while since you filled my mouth with truth and hold back any voice of protest. Of denials.

O how you taste so sweet, yet hurtful when you drag my mind to his kisses which are missed. So then I turn my head, questioning where have my senses gone. Or it's just me drawning in the ocean of lust.

I was questioning the reason why I was actually asking for it. I'd be a foolish if I don't believe in all the goddeses who rule my kingdom of lust. Wandering within my bloodstream, it's him poisoning every forgetful consciousness, triggered any act of rebellion.

I can fuck. Or maybe I just sit back and watch any cheap porn and not really watching it. Holy Lord!


  1. aku suka kombinasi warnanya, dina...cantik.

  2. iya ni, lagi suka warna neon ^^