Tidy Up the Room

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I've got a thing with stationeries, everytime I have uncertain feelings I would go to the book store and run straightly to the stationery alley. Just wandering around there see what should I have this time. Each tools here has its own story. The Schneider pen in yellow with the blue and red top there were a second purchasing. The first Schneider had already ran out its ink and because it always stayed beside me when I need to write a memo or a work list, I want another one.

I've been always finding myself want to do something creative, whether to recycle a necklace to be another stuff, like, bracelet or nothing, to make a new paintings with acrylic paint, or simply to write an idea and it has to be written with a pink/blue/green gel pen, I sometimes end up got nothing to help me do it. So everytime I went to the stationery section, I would find what kind of tools I've missed. The thing that is really, really crucial.

I called it, a casual buying. :)

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