Feeling Pouchy

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Pouches are good and always useful and give a little feeling how organized person we are by putting everything we need very neatly there. I purchased these pouches from friends of Institut A (the ones with patches), the rosy printed one was given from my gf Uchie as she wrote a note about I have to be a strong woman dealing with work and my love life -how lovely and she made it by herself knowing how I love rose and the fact that I told her why I like Rose so much (it's a symbol for motherhood as far as I know), and mostly I bought them from the flea market, less than a dollar for 3 pieces. Of course I bought them because of the thought that they could be useful someday. Sometimes we just need something to take away...with style. or not. :D

Anyway, this is the last post of my collection during the Tidy Up My Room Day. I want to post some of my Hello Kitty collection but it's not ready now. I'm still waiting for the figurin of her studying. It's very cute and represents a part of me who still wants to take some class to study photography which I love to do in very recently.

Also, I'm looking forward to see your collection. :)


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