Hard at It

The first time I went to recording studio to make some demo with TAKExONExSTEP is one of the most exiting moment I could remember the whole life :D You know it's not only about 'making stuffs', it's the time when your friends came by, giggle around, helping with some sing-along thingy, try not to fall asleep when you know things were not running so good and you need to be ready anytime, more indomih, more coffee, more cigarette. Anything can happen.

I also recall the first time I started my own zine, when the exitement lasts for only a week and the rest was really tough; lay-outing, realizing that I need to fill more spaces and pages, digging all the magazine to get some cute things to cut and paste to, going to photocopy shop with my eyes sparkled *lol*, spreading out the copies to all friends for free, producing some stickers and then how I was grinning all the time when I got emails from many people who read my zine and finally get embarassed with my own writings when I read it once again after a while.... those good ol days, so funny :)

So this is it, it's all about the feeling when you experience everything for the first time, when you are willing to do anything and get busy at, hard at it. And I made this patch with all those feelings been lingered. I always want to giveaway things I made. I kept this patch for such a looong time untill I met this guy and had a super-unstopable chit chat. He's a real inspiring zine-maker and also inspires many people around with everything he made and done, so I thought....this patch had to go to him. So be :)

And oh, almost forgot. He traded this patch with one of his drawings, I have a mix feeling about the fairy he drew, I like it, yes I do, but....errm it's kinda scarying and so weird. But I really love that he gave it to me as a birthday gift. Thank you, you!

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