Muse Mantra

You don't fall in love every single day.

Remember how it feels like? It causes you sick, it makes you smile, it blows your mind untill you can't see the difference between what's real and what's illusory. The coolest consequence of being in love is I always become productive in doing almost everything, especially making artwork. I get too exited over anything so I could make some plans to buy things or to create something which are mostly left in my mind after sometimes, yet to be forgotten :D

But then again, I don't fall in love everyday. I got mood-swing, I got haters, I got deadline, I got no time to do what I wanted to do. I get stuck, had no idea, am sooo tired, and all of a sudden everything became so much lame and undesireable. So I need some dope, I need Muse. I need something pretty to adore to, like when you see some movie the title so long I couldn't remember it, starring Kat Dennings and you found out how cute she is in there making some silly face or anything else. Well that's it!! That is exactly the feeling I need.

It's Muse Mantra. Something surprisingly making you  feel alive or just giving you some new idea, even when you know something else is sickenning, you just feel a moment of...of.....a moment of...adoring. (It's so retarded I couldn't find the right word) but anyhoo...I love making this collage. You got no idea how long I can match every piece altogether like this. It's like I need 3 days to get the right feeling. You know what I mean, right? Riiight?


  1. thanks, Dindie...how I love your drawings too :) kemarin kelupaan, padahal udah lama kepingin patches yang Dindie dan Julian bikin

  2. iya nanti kita bisa kirimin atau ketemu sambil bikin-bikin. atau mungkin kita bisa bikin sesuatu bareng-bareng atas nama kolaborasi?

  3. Kolaborasi? boleh bangeeet :)