Out of Boredom

Out of boredom, what would you do?
Well, I never knew what will I do exactly, but I believe everything we made is somehow popped out of our head and suddenly it's there, your hands are like...magicly working without any doubt.

These four illustrations are made for a guy I don't even know his real name is and insists to introduce himself as Attakk47. I met him once at One Family One Brotherhood #6 as I put my zine there for exhibition and -my bad- I forgot to ask his name because as I can remember we only have a small chat there about zine or something.
I also have always forgot people's name :p


  1. saya seneng banget gambar2 ini, beneran deh.. prinin dong :P

  2. Nanti ya kalo sudah ada budgetnya :)

  3. Memang bukan tentang merelevankan something, tapi cobalah mereduksikannya menjadi sebuah "inspirasi". Bekerja , Berkarya dan Berbagi Bersama. Keep Reading Keep Fighting.